Herbs & Supplements

Holistic healing starts first by harnessing the natural healing power of the body.  A lot of change can happen with acupuncture, dietary adjustments, exercise, and stress reduction.   Sometimes the body needs additional support such as herbs & botanical medicine, or vitamins & supplements.  Lisa will recommend specific herbs or supplements based on your treatment plan.  Not all supplements are created equally however.   It’s important to use high quality supplements that have active constituents and are easily absorbed by the body. Lisa prefers to work with herbal companies that focus on organically growing or naturally harvesting herbs, with high quality processing.  She recommends vitamin and supplement companies that are based on whole-food and plant-based nutrition.

Online Natural Pharmacy:

Clients can order directly from Emerson Ecologics and receive a 15% discount off all purchases (shipping charges extra).  Emerson Ecologics is one of the premiere online natural pharmacies for practitioners and their clients. They are locally based in Manchester, NH.

Use the link below to order, and use the access code dsq108 (case sensitive) or reference Lisa Desrosiers or Davis Square Acupuncture when placing your order.

Order directly from Emerson Ecologics