Energy Work

While acupuncture is primarily used for health and wellness, energy work is designed for deeper emotional and spiritual healing.  Energy work sessions incorporate healing techniques from the Peruvian Incan shamanic traditions (from the The Q’ero lineage), and are a great addition to psychotherapy or other inner work.  Lisa studied with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society, and is happy to offer these beautiful and timeless healing practices to those seeking deeper healing.

Energy work addresses imbalances in the energy field around the body.  Early life events, traumas, belief systems, and genetic imprints are stored in this energy body and can lead to health issues, poor response to stress, and challenging emotional and behavioral patterns.   Energy work can clear imprints at the energetic level to allow you to step out of fear, limiting belief systems, or old trauma stories.   It can assist you in accessing deeper parts of yourself – the gifts, talents, and resources that have been hidden from view – to help you experience more inner peace, strength and vitality.


Energy work can be helpful for:

  • Preparing for or navigating a life transition
  • Eliminating thoughts or belief systems that are holding your back
  • Working with addictive behavior patterns
  • Making peace with past relationships, or cutting ties from relationships that no longer serve you
  • Clearing emotional wounds from past experiences, such as trauma, accidents, losses, betrayals
  • Stepping out of and healing  family or generational patterns
  • Feeling ‘out of balance’ and not able to re-balance with your usual methods
  • Difficulty in relationships or in creating fulfilling relationships
  • Feeling you do not have access to all parts of yourself, or that something is missing
  • Feeling stuck or blocked in a certain area of your life
  • Difficulty taking steps to reach your goals and dreams
  • Working through an issue without talk therapy or a lot of mental work

Benefits of energy work may include:

  • Increased energy, vitality and physical health
  • Feelings of peace and contentment
  • Improved self-care and self-nurturing
  • Renewed sense of direction or purpose in life
  • Greater ability to create and achieve your life goals
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Ability to change long-term habits
  • Stronger connection with yourself and your inner guidance
  • Feel more spiritually connected and supported

FAQ About Energy Work:


Each healing session is unique. A  session begins by talking about the issue you want to work on, and discussing how it affects you and your life.  Then you will lie down for the healing, which may be very interactive or very quiet.  Sessions may include breath-work, dialogue, guided visualization and healing techniques such as illumination, chakra clearing, extraction, or soul retrieval.    Some people feel a lot of sensation during a session while others may feel very little. At the end of each session, you will likely feel very relaxed. You will have time to talk briefly after the session about your experience, and receive feedback or homework to help integrate the session.   This work is recommended for people who want to engage fully in their healing journey, and are willing to spend some time and attention on their inner world.
The energy body (also called the human energy field or luminous body) is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It is made up of universal energy, also called the life-force energy, “qi” or “prana”.  Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and many other healing systems work with the energy body.  The energy body can be thought of as a template or blueprint containing all of your life experiences. All experiences in life, positive and negative, affect the energy field. If issues or traumas are not dealt with or cleared right away they remain in the field as dense energy or as imprints. Some traumas are so big that they get suppressed into the unconscious field. All dense energy affects the flow of the ‘qi’ or energy in the field and can lead to imbalances in the system – either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. These imprints can also get triggered and may leave you feeling as if you are repeating old patterns but cannot step out of them.   This work  is designed to clear dense energy from the chakras and the energy field, and also to clear original imprints related to your specific issue. Your energy body is also repaired or ‘illuminated’ so that you do not continue to repeat or attract similar patterns.
Sessions can be done in person or over the phone/skype. First Session (~90 minutes) $135. The first session will include an intake and discussion, a healing session, and some time for discussion afterwards. Follow-up Sessions (~75-90 minutes) $120. Follow-up sessions will include a brief check-in, a healing session, and time for discussion afterwards. Please call or email with questions or to book a session. A firm 48 hour cancellation policy applies. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be billed at 1/2 the full rate of the session. Sessions missed without any notice will be billed at the full rate. Payment accepted in Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover


Energy Work Testimonials:


“After a number of years and countless hours of therapy dealing with my ‘daddy issues’ I was ready to forge a new relationship with my dad but something was always stopping me… I could not get over an invisible hurdle. I was not able to verbalize what the block was, I knew in my head- logically- all the steps that I needed to take to make this happen, but I was not able to contact my dad. Lisa created a very welcoming environment which was safe and warm. We started with a brief history of my issues and then focused our attention on the feelings I had surrounding my dad. Lisa asked me to visualize a number of things while she worked around me. After this, I actually felt lighter in my step, less burdened. Today, I have not only made contact with my dad, but am actively building a new relationship with him. I truly believe that Lisa’s energy work brought my head and my spirit to the same place- so they could work together toward my goal. Lisa removed the invisible hurdle so I could have a clear path to my dad. I have trusted Lisa to do energy work on other issues in my life with the same result, a melding of the mind and spirit. I am still uncertain about how it all works… but I can tell you that it has changed my life for the better.”
“After years of infertility treatment, I went to Lisa for energy work at the recommendation of a dear friend as I was at a crossroads of treatment and adoption. While I did not know exactly what I wanted or needed out of the session when I arrived (or even what the session entailed), it became very clear to me after the session began that I had been holding negative energy surrounding my treatment that significantly weighed on me and limited my ability to move on. The energy session was transformational for me in that it provided a vehicle for me to release my negative energy and helped to foster positive energy regarding our new journey. It allowed me to come to terms with the past and become excited about the future. The session was incredibly powerful and dynamic itself, and the energy shift following the session was profound. After releasing the negative energy, I felt completely at peace with our path and able to let go of all of the hard feelings surrounding my prior treatment. My husband could not believe the palpable change in my outlook and my positive and happy disposition. I believe that my energy work with Lisa helped to open the door to bring our daughter into our lives as we were matched with a birth mother shortly thereafter. I will be forever grateful to Lisa and will continue to work with her during any other challenging times in my life.”
“Working with Lisa is both relaxing and profound. Her skill and care facilitates the healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Over just a few sessions, I experienced a reconnection with aspects of myself that have helped me feel more whole, healthy and revitalized. The supportive atmosphere she creates has helped me to not just experience healing during a session, but to continue to integrate healthy new patterns into my daily life. The burden and stress of old emotional baggage are lifted and I’m living a happier, healthier life as a result.”
“It took several days to process what happened in the session. I felt as if I had a major break through – the kind that a few years of therapy may provide — it was that intense. I felt lighter, and resolved – as if some large burden I had been carrying for a long time had been lifted. While I can’t pinpoint a specific incident or episode from my past that I felt was finally resolved, I can say I was ready to move forward in my life and into the new roles that were in store for me. I felt complete again. As weeks passed, I noticed changes in my thinking. I reacted differently to situations – things that would make me hesitate to confront or that I feared to handle suddenly became smooth interactions. I felt I had a new perspective on my self and my dealings with others. I had a new confidence and perspective. Months later this perspective and confidence remains. What I had experienced wasn’t the relaxing or healing of a massage or other body therapy, I had a full-on life changing event.

The healing experience with Lisa has shown me that with the right guidance, we as individuals have so much potential for healing, resolving, and evolving ourselves. What Lisa does is an almost lost healing art. As our society became more “modern” and externally gratifying, we forgot how to go inside ourselves. We abandoned the paths of self discovery. Fortunately, healers like Lisa are being called back to the path of the Shaman. Hopefully, with their guidance we can be shown the way back to our true selves, and as a result be able to heal ourselves, our communities and our world.”

“Lisa has a holistic view to healing and sees all aspects of a person’s life as being relevant to the healing process. She is a compassionate practitioner and ensures her clients feel cared for and understood. In each of the three energy work sessions I’ve had, I experienced a noticeable shift in an area of my life where I felt stuck. The sessions illuminated deep issues that had been hard to articulate through other types of therapies. Guided imagery had been a common thread in all three sessions and was the key to understanding and visualizing my feelings. After each session I felt different about the issue I was struggling with and those shifts in feelings still remain with me today. I will continue to have energy work done whenever I feel stuck, as it has proven to be the most immediate and effective method I’ve found.”