Menopause: Transitioning to the Wise Woman Years

Menopause is the transitional phase when a woman stops ovulating and menstruating.  Most women enter menopause between ages 48-52 but it can be earlier or later than that.   Peri-menopause is the time leading up to menopause when monthly cycles and hormones begin to shift.  Women begin to notice changes in timing, frequency, and in any associated symptoms of their cycle.  As estrogen levels decrease, a variety of symptoms can develop from mild to severe.

Acupuncture and holistic treatment is very natural, and without the side effects and risks of HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  It can treat and minimize the various symptoms of menopause including:

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • sleep issues
  • fatigue
  • mood changes ~ irritability, depression, anxiety
  • change in libido

Many women link menopause with aging and may have negative feelings about it. It may also be a challenging time if there are unresolved issues from prior life stages, or unresolved feelings about being a mother. Chinese Medicine holds the view that menopause is much more than a shift in hormones; it is a great time of potential awakening and empowering for women. The child bearing years are complete which means a woman can turn her attention and energy to other areas of her life and development. It is an opportunity for re-birth into a new life cycle. All of the resources her body was using to maintain fertility are now available for other creative and meaningful endeavors.

Treatment can provide more tools and information so you can create new lifestyle habits to support your body, mind and spirit. On a deeper emotional level, you can experience a smooth and graceful transition into the next phase of life.