Natural Fertility Support:

Acupuncture is a wonderful treatment option for women seeking natural support for fertility and pregnancy.   Treatment involves regular acupuncture, dietary support, lifestyle & stress management support, and herbs or supplements. Regular acupuncture may help re-balance and normalize all aspects of the menstrual cycle and balance hormones for conception.  A healthy menstrual cycle should be about 28 days, and without any significant symptoms (such as pain, PMS, irregular timing, heavy or light flow); anything other than minor symptoms may indicate imbalance that needs to be addressed.

Treatment is specific to each phase of the menstrual and hormonal cycle (menses, pre-ovulation, ovulation, and post-ovulation/luteal phase). Correct diagnoses of the imbalance is important for treatment.  For example, irregular periods may reflect irregular ovulation which creates difficulty in timing conception.  If the luteal phase (post-ovulation) is too short it may be difficult for pregnancy and implantation to occur. If the flow is too light than the uterine lining may not be sufficient to support implantation. A very heavy flow or significant pain or PMS are also signs of stagnation or other imbalance that needs to be smoothed out.

Often times, simply balancing the menstrual cycle and hormones is enough for many women to become pregnant on their own.  Women who receive regular acupuncture, or who have done a course of acupuncture for other reasons,  often get pregnant easily.


IVF Support:

Many women seek acupuncture to support an IVF cycle (in-vitro fertilization) for reasons  such as being a same-sex couple,  history of testicular cancer or male-factor genetic abnormalities, and a variety of female factors (such as poor egg quality, abnormal FSH levels, unexplained infertility, etc). Acupuncture treatment can minimize drug side effects, reduce and help manage the high stress levels associated with treatment protocols,  improve IVF outcomes, and minimize miscarriage risk.  Acupuncture treatments for IVF are timed at specific intervals during follicle stimulation, egg  retrieval and embryo transfer.  It is always advised to start acupuncture treatment in the early stages of an IVF protocol and ideally well in advance of the cycle.  The more prepared and balanced your body is, the more likely positive outcomes are.


A Holistic View:

Chinese Medicine takes a very holistic view of fertility that is very similar to the way a gardener may look at his or her garden.  A woman’s body is the fertile ground for seed to take root and be nourished.  So an acupuncturist will look at how healthy and well-nourished a woman is (including diet, lifestyle, exercise levels, stress, emotions, etc) and how well her system will be able to support the demands of a growing fetus.   The more balanced a woman is before she attempts to conceive, the easier it will be to get pregnant and stay pregnant, and to have a healthy and symptom-free pregnancy.

The transition to motherhood is one of the most beautiful and life-altering phases of a woman’s life, and acupuncture can support a smooth and graceful transition. Lisa has been honored to successfully assist many women through this profound gateway.

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