“Lisa is a gifted healer. She combines an understanding of western medicine with the practice of eastern medicine. She is compassionate and nurturing. From the second you walk into her room you feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve been seeing Lisa for years for a variety of issues and have been amazed at the results. She takes time to listen to you and asks many questions to really understand what the root of the problem could be. I always look forward to my sessions. They are a time for relaxation and healing. I would recommend seeing Lisa for any acute problem but also for general well-being. She is FABULOUS! -Ali, Brookline
“I’ve been seeing Lisa for a few years now – she has always been helpful in reducing or eliminating my symptoms from whatever is going on at the time, from sickness to aching muscles to tension headaches. Lisa is always helpful in accommodating my busy schedule and my (sometimes last-minute) requests for appointments, and most importantly she is very professional, knowledgeable and comfortable to work with. I would highly recommend seeing Lisa for your acupuncture needs!” -Wendy, Cambridge
“Lisa is a true healer. I started seeing Lisa a month ago and the success of the work was beyond my expectations. Even though I went for relief from crippling shoulder pain, she focused on my whole life-style and made me more aware of habits that were encouraging the problem. I’ve gotten far more pain relief than I expected to the point that I no longer need to take the ibuprofen I had been practically living on all winter. I would strongly recommend her practice for someone who has never had acupuncture but thinks they might benefit. She explains what she is doing and encourages feedback from her patients.” – Julia M, Arlington
“Yesterday I went for a morning run, approximately two miles. It appeared like an ordinary morning of exercise before work, but one year ago, I was still experiencing severe pain from a running injury. I would have chest pains, trouble breathing and constant pain in my rib cage on a daily basis. Now, after going to Davis Square Acupuncture, I am completely healed. As a senior, experienced acupuncturist, Lisa Desrosiers is an outstanding, professional and kind practitioner. I want to thank her for all her wonderful encouragement as I began the healing process from this running injury. Within one month of acupuncture, I was already feeling better. Thanks again, Lisa!” – C.P. of Medford


“I received treatments from at least 1/2 dozen acupuncturists in the Boston area before finding Lisa. Not too long into my first treatment with Lisa, I knew that she was the match for me and my standards. Lisa has a gentle, open, respectful, and spiritual approach that I look for, but do not always find, in an acupuncturist. She is also a wonderful listener and is capable of giving life-changing insights into my health and well-being that I myself have sometimes missed along the way. Lisa frequently goes the “extra mile” by adding reiki or tuning forks to my treatment, or even staying in the room with me during my entire treatment when I was having a rough time emotionally. Twice a month, I receive regular acupuncture treatments from Lisa to maintain my overall physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual good health and well-being. When I experience occasional colds, tension, low energy, or other such mild and common health issues, Lisa is the first and only health practitioner I see, and her treatments re-balance, redirect, and renew my system and my energy.”
-Denise, Somerville

For the past three years, Lisa’s skills as an acupuncturist have helped me through a myriad of both physical and emotional issues and I am indebted to her for this. No matter what the problem, I always feel better leaving Lisa’s office.” -Nancy, Cambridge
Thanks so much Lisa for all your work, support, and approaches to both patient and healing. I now have a much better understanding of some of the issues and am forever grateful for your care. – Donna, Somerville
“Thank YOU Lisa! I really appreciate your help, as you have been making and continue to make a huge difference in my personal growth & healing.” -Shannon, Melrose

“Finding an acupuncturist who can treat your physical health is relatively easy. But finding one who can care for your physical, as well as your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being is not so simple. As more and more wildflowers continue to grow in the field of acupuncture, Lisa stands as a rose in a special corner of that garden.” -D.S., Somerville

“Lisa Desrosiers is an excellent, highly-skilled and first-rate acupuncturist. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for twenty-seven years and for most of that time used solely western medicine to treat it. When I was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by some of the medicine I was taking, I decided it was time to try something new. Acupuncture was exactly what I needed in my life. I have been treated for arthritis, sciatica, insomnia and sinus problems; acupuncture always makes a difference. I see Lisa on a weekly basis and it is the combination of her eastern treatment and western medicine that keeps me healthy, mobile and feeling good. Besides just being such a proficient practitioner, Lisa has a kind, supportive and caring presence that is difficult (if not impossible) to find elsewhere. I have tried several acupuncturists in Boston and Lisa is by far the practitioner who I have had the most success with. I cannot say enough good things about Lisa Desrosiers and Davis Square Acupuncture.”
–Alissa, Boston

“You have done so very much for me, I can never thank you enough.” -Susan, Arlington