Lisa Desrosiers- M.Ac, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM) –  is a Licensed Acupuncturist offering Integrative Medicine and Holistic Health Care in a private practice setting.  She offers acupuncture treatments blended with holistic health counseling (dietary & lifestyle support, herb and supplement support, health education) to create individualized and focused care.   With over 10 years of clinical practice and thousands of treatments given, Lisa has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to offer.

Her goal is to offer the best of her training in acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, herbs and supplements, yoga therapeutics and energy medicine techniques to help clients move toward their wellness goals and optimal health.  With a strong foundation in western sciences she understands western medical diagnoses and treatments, and works easily with other practitioners and treatments to maximize outcomes.  She believes in an Integrative medicine model which treats the whole person on all levels – physical, emotional, behavioral, environmental, soul & spiritual levels – and integrates a blend of proven healing techniques for each person.   She works with her clients to create a partnership built on trust.

Lisa received her master’s degree in acupuncture from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) and has devoted her career to pursuing knowledge in health and the healing arts.  She has also completed an herbal apprenticeship with the Boston School of Herbal Studies, a two year program in Shamanic energy medicine from the Four Winds Society, and a two year yoga teacher training with Ashaya Yoga. She continues to pursue continuing education credits and self-study in the field of acupuncture and holistic health. She has traveled to Peru and India to study indigenous healing and spirituality.  In the early stages of her career Lisa worked at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on various National Institutes of Health (NIH) research studies investigating the effects of acupuncture and tai chi on health outcomes.  She currently devotes her time to managing a full-time private practice in Arlington MA.

While Lisa enjoys treating a wide variety of health issues, she has a particular interest in women’s health (including menstrual & hormonal issues, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and beyond), stress and mood issues, and wellness care.

Lisa is grateful for all of the teachers she has had on the path.  She knows it is those healers that come before us who share their knowledge and wisdom that keeps these amazing healing traditions alive, and allows them to evolve and change into even more effective tools for the modern age.

Lisa is a dedicated yogi who has been practicing and studying for over 15 years.  She also enjoys hiking & other outdoor activities that bring her closer to nature, travel, playing harmonium & singing, and spending time with family, friends & her favorite felines.

What do the credentials stand for?

M.Ac. – Master of Acupuncture Degree. 3 year full-time Masters level degree from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Seattle WA.

L.Ac. – Licensed Acupuncturist. Licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, License #219771

Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM) – Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM). Awarded by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It is a considerable professional achievement to earn the designation “Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM).” NCCAOM Certification indicates to employers, patients, and peers that one has met national standards for the safe and competent practice of acupuncture as defined by the profession.

 From Lisa

“I love my job because I get to work with so many amazing clients on their healing journeys.  It brings me a lot of joy to see the transformation of someone from a place of pain or dis-ease to a place of feeling more healthy, balanced and vibrant.  I know that when you don’t feel well it is hard to enjoy your life, and that sometimes creating change is really difficult.  Investing in your health is worth it because it means being able to enjoy your work, family, friends, hobbies and dreams more fully.

I’ve devoted my professional career and much of my personal life to health and wellness, because I know that when I’m healthy I feel good, enjoy my life more, am more productive at work, have more creativity, and generally am a much happier person.   I want to share that knowledge with others.  We all know there is no magic pill for health.  It takes work, effort and the willingness to try new things (such as new foods, types of exercise, treatments, ways to manage stress), a willingness to invest your health, and the desire to become healthy.  Everything you do can help you take a step closer or farther away from health. 

I know that navigating the health care and insurance systems can be challenging, so I want to create a calm healing environment where you feel heard and then receive treatment, support and information that will help you.

First I ask questions,  listen and understand your situation.

Then I reflect on and utilize all the training and modalities I’ve studied to determine how I can best help you.

Next I  treat you so that you can receive some healing and begin to feel better.

Throughout the process I support, educate and empower you so that you can maintain your new level of health.

I believe health is a journey more than a destination, and I’m happy to be a part of your journey.”


Resume Testimonials
“Follow the correct treatment principles and perform your healing with the utmost care and attention. Conduct yourself with the highest virtue and always have compassion toward your patients. This is the way of the sage physicians.” – The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine